Flattering Your Features

In my experience, every woman, regardless of her shape has an area of her body that she’s self-conscious about, so recognizing what area that is in advance is key. Choosing flattering silhouettes and colors that complement your natural features is the best way to ensure you’ll love the way you look in your photos.

So a part of your session with us, is that during your Consultation, we talk about every part of your outfits. Yes all of it. Not only do we talk about it, but we have a program that finds the perfect outfit (where to buy it and how much or you may already have it at home). Then we email you all the outfits and accessories! So you can go to the stores try them on or go thru your closet and find those items you had totally forgotten about. It makes this part so much fun and super easy. So no stressing over what you will wear, just come, relax and let us help you design your look.



Coordinate but do not “Match”

Having everyone “match” in your photos, tends to lean towards the boring side and is simply outdated. An example of this would be to have everyone in your photo wear white shirts and demin jeans. This look CAN be super cute with little boys (two to 3 max), or if you are wanting to “copy cat” a previous picture taken to show how the time has changed your family. 


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