The Ultimate Senior Checklist

Senior Sessions don't just happen (at least not here at Lisa Cox Photography). We plan so that the day of your session is amazing and goes by smoothly.

Here are some tips from 2 weeks to the day of your session.


  • Haircut/Color Appointment - We want you look sharp on the day of your session. But don't do anything drastic before your session cause if you don't like it - you won't like any of your photos.

  • Practice Hairstyle Multiple Times Until you know what you want.

  • If you are not using our professional makeup artist, start working on your look for the day.

  • Time to get out the email with your clothing suggestions and making sure you don't need to go and make any last minute trips to the stores to get everything you need.


  • Be sure to double check you have everything you need.

  • Drink LOTS of water (this helps a lot with your skin)

  • Book an appointment to get your nails done the day before your session.

  • Don’t get a sunburn or highly visible tan lines


  • Shave (Guys face; Girls legs, underarms)

  • Eat Before Session

  • Things to bring to your session:

  1. Outfits and Accessories

  2. Undergarments

  3. Shoes

  4. Jewelry

  5. Props

  6. Makeup Bag

  7. Makeup Remover

  8. Wipes

  9. Chapstick

  10. Hairspray

  11. Frizz Spray

  12. Water with Straw (Lipstick-friendly)

  13. Snack

  14. Sunscreen

  15. Bug-repellent

  16. Safety Pins

  17. Stain Remover

  18. Lint Roller

  19. Blotting Papers

  20. Deodorant

  21. Hair Brush

  22. Bobby Pins

  23. Mirror

  24. Hair Gel (Guys)

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