Madison Grismer | Whiteland Community High School | Class 2020

Madison attended Whiteland Community High School. Through high school, she was a part of varsity cheer for basketball, football, and competition. She took an amazing step and participated in the Riley Dance Marathon fundraising committee. Though she was a part of many different things in high school, she is most proud of being a varsity cheerleader and even receiving the leadership award. If that’s not enough, she placed 7th at Nationals in cheer as well! From the beginning to end, she achieved academic honors. Way to go! She graduated high school with both technical and academic honors, which is something to be very proud of! She received a scholarship because of her internship at the Greenwood Airport.

Madison is beyond thankful for the opportunity of having an internship at the Greenwood Airport. It has opened so many new pathways for her in her career. Being so involved in her career path is something that Madison is most proud of, as she should be! She loves anything and everything about aviation, and can’t wait to be a pilot someday, as well as an aerospace engineer.

Even with her busy schedule with school activities, she is a member of the EAA. She has two jobs, working at Marco’s pizza and the Greenwood Airport. She is also taking lessons at the airport to obtain her private pilot license.

Being a part of Nationals was her favorite memory over the years, a weekend with some of your favorite people and doing what you love… Doesn't get much better than that. Her favorite adventure in high school was when she and Lily Cain sang the national anthem at one of the high school football games. Her funniest memory was when one of her friends from cheer started calling her “Baby Beluga”.

She is going to miss being able to hangout with and see her friends at school that she has spent all of her life with. However, she will not miss SAT preparation. But who will? Madison feels as if she took her short senior year for granted, but from the sounds of it, you made the best of it and chose the right path to make the best of your education and you should be very proud of yourself!

When Madison was asked to choose three words to describe herself, she chose passionate, optimistic, and kind-hearted… She is spot on! She is capable of so many things and is passionate about her dreams and things she loves.

I am so glad to have spent a little bit of your senior year with you, and beyond happy that I have been able to see you grow and learn so much about you! You are beautiful, inside and out. I know this virus has robbed you of some memories but you are stronger than this and I can’t wait to see the woman you are becoming! Though your senior year didn’t end the way you planned and wished, you have made so many right choices to get as far as you are now and I have nothing but faith in you! Take your aviation dreams and fly away with them!

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