It's not fair . . .

Looking around and seeing everybody panic over the Coronavirus can be scary. People are getting laid off, businesses are closing, and everyone is staying in the house. In all of this craziness though, we need to remember the high school seniors who have worked so hard to get this far and aren’t getting to have the special senior year that they deserve. This was supposed to be your year, it’s unfair, and okay to be upset over it.

The loss of your last Spring Break of your High School years. Those memories you were anxiously awaiting to make with your dearest and closest friends. Trips that were planned, activities that were scheduled, all cancelled in a blink of an eye. I know this is hard to think about and is devastating. What makes it even harder not being able to even go and hang out with those friends for fear of getting sick or a loved one sick. I know this is rough. But, remember you do have great tools that allow you to connect with those friends. And see each other via face time, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snap chat and all the other apps. It is not the same, but constant talking, laughing (which we all need right now) and being together, even though you are houses apart, is good for your spirit and your soul! Stay connected during this time, engage, and try to stay positive.

Most of them have already got the horrible news that their senior prom is cancelled. This is supposed to be memorable and the prom that every student looks forward to as their last time to get together and have a blast with their best friends, dress up, and have the time of their lives. That one time to stay the night with your friends, get up early the next day and spend all day long getting ready and getting more and more excited as the day goes on, only to dance the night away and wish it would never end. If prom isn’t happening for your school, get your friends and dates together and plan an all day trip to have fun, be yourselves, and dress up so you can still make those memories with the people you were so excited about!

As much as students dread the AP exams and getting up early, not being able to have a good senior year with your friends can be devastating. Most high schools have already announced that AP exams will be taken online at home. People dread and complain about these exams, but what would high school be without the chance of getting to earn college credits and prepare for your future? These exams won’t be the same when taken at home. After sitting for hours and finally having the relief that the test you’ve stressed about is finally over. But on the bright side, get a cup of coffee and sit in your cozy bed and let all of your hard work pay off!

The people who have put blood sweat, and tears are not able to play their senior year of sports with the people that you’ve played with as long as you can remember, play in your last band concerts, or participate in the clubs that you’ve put so much effort towards is truly heartbreaking. Everyone deserves to get a senior night, play that last game with your best friends, and leave your heart right there on your high school home field, and be proud of the memories you made with those people who have made high school so much more fun for you. Parents did not realize that watching their kid’s junior year of sports was really the last time watching them take the field in their high school career. They won’t get to play that instrument or have that meeting one more time with the people you looked up to and realize that this is your last time performing with the ones you never want to leave. Friends and family members love this time as much as the students because it is seeing the one they’ve known for years put their heart into the things that they love, and it is heart fulfilling. Take those skills and memories from each and every activity and hold them close to your heart, don’t let yourself forget the discipline, and always remember the people who shaped you into who you are today.

Parents aren’t able to watch their students walk and see their “little baby” move on to a whole new chapter of life. They’re not able to plan the graduation parties because of the “no groups bigger than 10” recommendation. College has only become more stressful because college visits are now cancelled, students are questioning if scholarships could be affected, and a nerve-wrecking time in life just got worse. Not being able to walk through the halls and have your friends surrounding you, knowing that your best memories in life were made here. Walking across that stage and getting that diploma handed to you is supposed to be one of the proudest moments that students have in their life, and now they’re not even sure if they’ll get that opportunity. Walking, getting their diploma, and moving off to college has been their main goal through all of this. With all of the late nights of homework, hours of studying, and

panicking about grades, an online class without the experience doesn’t seem fair. Getting up early everyday for 13 years, just for it all to be pulled away when you’re so close...

It’s not over yet though, I believe these seniors are stronger than this and will make it through, no matter what this crazy pandemic throws their way. Through all of the things that the 2020 Senior class has been through, I know they’ll make it through this too. From being born in a rough time with 9/11 to ending senior year in a pandemic, they’ve always come out stronger and more united than they were before. I have no doubt in my mind that this won’t be different.

There are always additional ways to do the things that you’ve always dreamed of happening in your senior year. You can always postpone things and still get the time with your friends and family that you deserve and have worked so hard for. I’m proud of each and every one of you and how far you’ve come. The 2020 Senior class is bigger than the panic going on around the world and you WILL find a way to make this work, be successful, and achieve all of your goals. Stick it out for a few months, enjoy the time with your family while you have it, and run with your dreams when you get this chance. You deserve to live the best life that you’ve always wanted and have the job you’ve dreamed of since you were just a little kid. You can and will still have the opportunity to do that. Take time with this, keep yourself in good health, and hold your loved ones close through everything. I believe in you!

While every part of this situation is completely unfair, there are so many ways to still make memories during this time. Stay in contact with the friends who mean the most and don’t let this obstacle come between you. Hold your loved ones close and always remember that they’re cheering you on, no matter what.

I also wanted to let you guys know that because of all of this craziness, I am planning on scheduling prom mini-sessions" for FREE - exclusively to my booked seniors and a few extra for grabs after them! It makes me so sad to think that these seniors will not have proms after picking out their dresses and planning their hair and makeup so we better get some beautiful pictures of it!!! Right?!?! I'm so excited about this!

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