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Halloween Teen Team

This session was so much fun. We were all scheduled to shoot and then it decided it was going to rain on us and we got super lucky and got to shoot at Neidhammer Historic Building. It was the perfect spot for our session.

During this photo shoot, a modern take on princesses, Jessica, a student at Whiteland Community High School, acted as Aurora. She brought a fun rose prop to make the pictures more fun and personal. Jessica’s sweet but fierce personality let her play this character so well.

This modern take on princesses also featured Merida, aka Sophie, who attends Indiana-Connections for school. Her fierceness and love for the outdoors made this character perfect for her.

Anna, aka Peyton, is from Clark Pleasant Middle School and her sweet personality made this character perfect for her. From her braids to her boots, Peyton is just like Anna, in looks and personality.

Also during this fun princess photo shoot, Kayla, also from Whiteland Community High School dressed as Jasmine. A tiger was even added to her pictures to really enhance the effect of Jasmine.

Ariel was featured in this princess photo shoot. Mackenzie, a student at WCHS portrayed Ariel in her own, different way for this photo shoot and rocked the look.

Last but not least on the teen team, Lily, aka Rapunzel, from WCHS used her fiery but curious personality to portray Rapunzel perfectly. She used a frying pan to really push the effect of her personality in her pictures and had lots of fun playing this character.


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