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Halloween Senior Team

Ever wonder what our Senior team shoots are like . . . Some years they are spooky and some years they are light and sweet. This year was the latter one! We did princesses and prince but in today's world. Each senior got to do their spin on their choice.

Kylan, aka Cinderella, is also a Whiteland Community High School senior who played this character perfectly. Her outfit was so fun and beautiful, and her pictures turned out so good. Kylan looked absolutely regal!

Moana, aka Sidney, also a senior at Whiteland Community High School was perfect in this photo shoot. Her beautiful curls and features made Moana the perfect character for her to be. Although Moana isn’t considered a princess by some, Sidney played her beautifully.

Allen, a senior at Whiteland Community High School, portrayed Prince Charming in this photo shoot. His look was so fun for this and looked how Prince Charming would in modern times. As my son, after a few shots he was over it, like a prince. LOL

Another princess that was featured in this photo shoot was Belle, aka Emma. She’s also a senior at Whiteland Community High School and her sweet, but smart and sassy personality made Belle the perfect princess for her. Her fun take on this character made for the perfect outcome in her pictures.

The last senior in this photo shoot was Delaney, aka Snow White. She’s a senior at Franklin Central High School, and her and Snow White share the same mellow, and sweet personality, and that helped Delaney portray her so well.

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