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Finding ideas to take pictures that aren’t cliche and used by every photographer isn’t the easiest thing to do. Thinking outside of the box and adding places that you wouldn’t usually think of is the best route to take. People usually shoot for places that are only catching to the eye, but depending on the look and outfits that you’re wanting, that’s not the only thing to keep in mind. You can add cute outfits and spice it up in so many ways to get what you’re really hoping for.

Coxhall Gardens is an amazing place, very catching to the eye, and has multiple different locations to shoot. It’s located in Carmel, Indiana. The landscaping is gorgeous. From tiki huts, hills, sundials, stores, you name it... The nature is beautiful for a day shoot. Pretty much any outfit works for a place like this. Skirts, dresses, heels, tennis shoes, casual or dressy, the outcome of the photos would be beautiful and definitely keepers. This location also offers arches in the welcoming and tunnels over the different parts of the lake, and a beautiful set of stairs that would also make for some good pictures.

The Monon Trail is perfect for an all nature shoot. With the old bridges, woods, and water, it makes for the perfect outdoor shoot. With the length of this trail going through Carmel, Westfield, Broad Ripple, and ends right by Mass Ave in Indianapolis, it makes it perfect for a shoot where you’re not in a rush and want to just see what you can shoot on your way. There are so many ways to do this shoot, whether it’s one where you’re wanting a vintage look or where you find the more modern parts of the trail and put a twist on nature. With something like this, you can be yourself and you have so many options on the overall outcome.

Willowfield Lavender Farm is exactly what it says! It is located in Mooresville, Indiana. A breathtaking lavender farm with so many different photo options. The beautiful lavenders are all over the place and can add touches to your pictures. There are amazing trees at this location that would make for an amazing set. There is also a barn that has an antique look to it that would be an amazing background for pictures. There are little bridges, gazebos, awnings, and many decorative places that would be wonderful additions. Since it is sometimes used for things such as weddings, it is set up in a very nice, put together layout. With so much to offer, you couldn’t go wrong with a place like this!

Fort Harrison State Park makes for photos anytime of day. It is in Lawrence, Indiana. With so much to explore, there’s no way this shoot could go wrong. This location has a beautiful lake with amazing scenery all the way around it. There’s a white gazebo that you could use in many different ways. There are also different parts of the park where water flows over the rocks and whether you climb in and risk getting wet for a good photo or use it as a backdrop, they would turn out so good. Walking through the trails, there are good spots with trees, water, and nature all over the place. On top of all of that, there is a dock that goes out over the lake that is surrounded by trees and has so many different angles to shoot from. Fort Harrison is one of those places that you can shoot at and make it your own, no matter what style you’re going for.

P&D Farms is a sunflower farm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has amazing sunflowers all over the place, anywhere you look. You can't go wrong with adding a pop of yellow to your photos. In a place like this, you can think of so many positions to take photos. Whether that be laying down in the flowers and having them surrounding your body, have them over parts of your face, or even just using them as a backdrop. While this farm is mainly known for their sunflowers, there are a variety of flowers for whatever color and look you are wanting. The event barn at this location is also a very nice backdrop and can be used in so many ways.

Cataract Falls is full of nature, everywhere you look. With the huge, beautiful waterfalls, it makes for nothing less than an unforgettable shoot. The water flowing over rocks, the trees, and the water alone is amazing! You can dress this shoot up however you want. Wearing jeans and boots to show a natural, fall look or even a flowy dress with your hair done up and no shoes! Does it get better than that? Dressed Up or casual, you can make the best of this shoot in so many ways. A breathtaking location that would also be a beautiful place to visit in general. What better way to have a photoshoot than play in the falls and have fun?

Holliday Park is in Indianapolis, another nature spot. It has beautiful statues (more like ruins) throughout. This allows for a vintage, antique look that looks amazing in pictures! The scenery is gorgeous, no matter the time of year. This location has bridges, surrounded by nature that makes for an amazing photo spot. The water here is also breathtaking and has so many different ways to add this into your photoshoot. There are also steps that only lead to more... nature! With this spot, you can think of so many ways to do this shoot and explore the things this beautiful park has to offer!

The Indianapolis Skyline makes a perfect photoshoot, day or night. With all of the city lights, it is a wonderful backdrop for a city shoot. The canal is also here, with a waterfall wall, bridges, and fountains. This location can be used in so many ways. Not to mention how cute these pictures would look with a city girl all dressed up and attitude in every pose she makes. There are flowers, street lights, and so many things that can be used in these photos to make it yours! The huge buildings are just more additions to this shoot. While it is beautiful during the day-nothing beats this location at night! With the lights on the canal, lights on the building, it truly is breathtaking.

No matter the location you choose, the biggest part is what you make of it. Look for many different spots in the location and look back at the pictures when you’re done and decide which you like the most. Worst comes to worst, you just delete the ones that you do not like. It doesn’t hurt anything. Take the location, spice it up with colors, different poses, and some attitude. Dress up for whatever look you’re wanting and have fun with it! It only comes out to be what you make it!

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