Session Details

First we will take some time to figure out the perfect location for you and your family as well as the best date and time. Then we will discuss any vision you have for the session. We start this off with our family questionnaire.

Getting to Know You

As a mother, I know my child can be shy around new people. I always respect a child’s personal space and gently work on getting them to open up to my camera and I. First you’ll see me get down on their level and introduce myself. If they are old enough, I will ask them their name and talk to them about their interests. Kids love this! I will lead them to interesting locations and watch them explore.  Kids sometimes have a difficult time opening up while I cannot guarantee that your child will be smiling in all of the photos I will do my best to make sure they have a good experience and are happy!

The Big Kids

For children around three or four and up, I ask for a bit of space while I am taking photographs.  Often a child feels the need to perform in front of a parent, and that often means un-natural smile and expression. I want to present to you images of your child that are natural and real. Now, keep in mind I will let your child be our guide. If he or she starts to fuss, you will be quickly asked to come back until they are comfortable. I want you to be comfortable too!  When I say “space” I usually mean a few feet, but always have your child and me within view.

Smiles All Around

Say Cheese are two words you will never hear me speak at your child’s session, and I would ask that you would refrain from using those words, or any similar words or phrasing, as well. Let me explain. I strive to get honest and natural expressions from your child. When a child is asked to ‘say cheese’, he or she will not give a natural smile, but rather they will be performing, and this will be apparent in the images. Please give me room to get on your child’s level, and you will soon see the natural expressions you know and love.

What to Wear (click here for ideas)

Family photographs are an investment not only in time and money but in your future. Clothing choices are just as important for family sessions, as other sessions. I highly suggest clothing for each family member that has the same tone, not necessarily color. Please, be wary of stripes, plaid, words and logos on your family’s clothing. These things can be a distraction from your beautiful family. Oh, and bare feet are great for family sessions too!

Getting to Know Me

I have a casual, easy going style of photography. I enjoy capturing the special moments between families, which are most likely the expressions that you see most in one another every day. You will find me talking to you and your family a lot, with special attention in engaging your children in the moment. Please allow me to keep them focused on me, rather than being firm with them; I have a few tricks to help kids forget the camera is even there, thus producing more natural expressions and smiles from them.  I know family portrait-time can be thought of as a stressful time, but I want you to enjoy more than your images, but also the experience of making those images.